Basic Attack

Here you can find action sequence code to copy/paste. This code will require that you’re using Yanfly’s YEP_CoreEngine, YEP_BattleEngineCore, YEP_ActionSeqPack1, 2 and 3. You paste this code into your skill’s note tag box.

Put this code into the note box of your Skill 0001 (Attack) skill. It will check it the player is using a ranged weapon, if so then it will animate and attack, if not then it will move the character across the screen and attack. This is an improvement to the basic ‘final fantasy 1’ type of attack. It looks better and makes your combat a bit more fun to watch.


Skill #1 will be used when you select

the Attack command.

<setup action>

display action

immortal: targets, true

</setup action>

<target action>

if user.attackMotion() !== ‘missile’

move user: targets, front, 20


perform start


zoom: 120%, 20

camera screen: target, front center, 20

camera focus: target, front center, 20

wait for movement

motion attack: user

wait: 10

attack animation: target

wait for animation

action effect

</target action>


August 9, 2016